What is Marketplace by I-FLY?

I-FLY delivers a comprehensive platform to easily deploy Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and other IT services on UAVs, Cloud of Edge devices for enhancing inspection operations of Critical Infrastructures such as gas pipelines, powerlines, railways, roads, among others.

In the I-FLY Marketplace you can find ready to use modules in a variety of domains. These modules can be executed on different environments to allow data processing and analysis.

What can you do in I-FLY?

  • Advanced AI and CV services can be contracted and deployed on the UAV, Cloud or Edge devices
  • UAV providers can offer their inspection-related services
  • Companies and UAV providers can make the best our of their images and footage through different IT services for enhanced processing and analytics capabilities

Why I-FLY?

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For UAV Providers

  • Contract and deploy IT services for enhancing your offering
  • Promote your services with the creation of a company profile and portfolio

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For Critical Infrastructures

  • Contract and deploy IT services for enhancing inspection operations for different types of infrastructures
  • Find different UAV providers

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Our architecture

I-FLY aims to add value to the UAV-based inspection of Critical Infrastructure with different types of IT services that enhance current capabilities of UAVs.

Our architecture considers the whole inspection process from the planning of flights to the presentation of insights after the flights have been executed and involves diverse options for hardware and software with novel services provided by Atos.

The offering of services by 3rd parties is foreseen for 2021.

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