3D Cloud Image Creation

Generation of 3D image point representation of video footage which can be manipulated and moved

The service generates the 3D reconstruction of the structural element being inspected. For this purpose, a set of images of the element are generated from all possible orientations by means of a flight around the element. These images combined with the latitude and longitude data serve as input to the generation algorithm. A monocular version of the SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous localization and mapping) is used to generate the 3D object of the infrastructure.


3d components
  1. Video Splitter: Separates the video into frames at a specific number of frames per second.
  2. Metadata Decoding: Decodes the UAV's telemetry metadata channel, Mavlink or KLV (key length value) format.
  3. Geo Annotation: Labels each frame with the latitude, longitude and altitude values of the camera that captured them.
  4. SLAM 3D: Generates the 3D model from the georeferenced images using SLAM 3D algorithm.

Execution and deployment

deployment 3d

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

Ground Control Station:
  • Atos Bull Sequana