What is a visual inspection?

A drone inspection is in fact a visual inspection that provides several benefits for operators and companies in terms of safety, cost and time spent.

The traditional process implies a detailed revision of the data collected by human operators, but the development of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, combined with novel processing capabilities brought by Edge Computing make the process even more fast and efficient since there's no need for human operators analyzing the footage or images

Why is important?


Drones helps with the first step -- inspections. With I-FLY, by sending a UAV into a situation that would be dangerous, such a cell phone tower, operators are able to process visual data and detect any incident, during the flight, in relation to the condition of an asset without having to expose themselves to potential harm.

If an issue that requires maintenance is found the subsequent repairs will still have to be done manually.


  1. Reduce risk-operators do not need to be in potentially dangerous.
  2. Savings-temporary structures - there's no need to build structures for manual inspections.
  3. Savings-downtime - every second of downtime leads to loss of revenue, but using a drone can be more efficient leading to big savings.
  4. Savings-liability insurance - operators will not be placed in dangerous situations and companies can reduce their corresponding insurance costs.
  5. Increased safety with increased inspections - inspections can be done faster and more regularly which means that potential incidents can be detected and addressed more quickly.
  6. Less time on-site due to rapid data collection and real-time data processing.
  7. Simplification of maintenance tasks, assessment of evolution of incidents and anticipation of possible anomalies.

Drone Inspections by Industry