The AF1 is a fixed-wing drone specially designed for BVLOS operations, with MTOW settings less than 2 kg. With autonomy of 90 minutes and proven range of 10 km with LR antenna device on the ground.

Reference projects and operations with FY1

  • Large area photogrammetry.
  • Surveillance and control of large areas.
  • Inspection of linear infrastructures.



It is a powerful equipment with greater load capacity, which can ship heavier cameras and systems, such as LIDAR, HYPERSPECTRAL camera and other combinations.

Reference projects and operations with the AT8

  • Power line inspection.
  • Infrastructure inspection.
  • Data capture with LIDAR.
  • Data capture with HYPERSPECTRAL sensor.



The AT4 is the ideal equipment for the inspection of photovoltaic plants or agroforestry applications, which require light and high-performance equipment for flexible operation.

Reference projects and operations with the AT4

  • Inspection of photovoltaic plants.
  • Inspection of road slopes.
  • Data capture for agroforestry applications.
  • Photogrammetry.