I-FLY aims to add value to the UAV-based inspection of Critical Infrastructure with different types of IT services that enhance current processing and analytics capabilities on UAVs.

Our architecture considers the whole inspection process and depending on the type of service that you need, there are some options for you to create your tailored deployment on different devices.Check our catalog of services for the specifications for each one.

Depending of the Industry, define which assets need to be inspected/monitored and the IT service required to optimise the process.

Deploy the service contracted according to the specifications.

Define the flight plan, the type of drone needed and fly!

Depending on the service selected, data processing and/or analysis will be done on the UAV, Edge device or Cloud. Thanks to this, there is no need for the operator to process and analyse the data collected manually.

If using CV algorithms for inspection, review the incidents identified during the flight, check the infrastructure and plan the maintenance. For other type of services, review the results of the service selected.



Drone machinery

Inspection of Critical Infrastructures is a throughout and delicate process, so not all the drones available in the market have the correct specifications for supporting this operation. Check the UAVs that support the deployment of each service.

Edge devices

If the service you want to contract can not be deployed on the UAV you can select different types of Edge devices that support the deployment and processing and analysis of the data captured by the drone. Check the Edge devices that support the deployment of each service.

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Computing

A robust infrastructure supports the marketplace for the fast and easy deployment of IT services on the selected device. The IT infrastructure is composed by Docker containers that allow quick deploy and scale application into any environment, and by Kubernetes to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale. In addition, several Cloud providers support the deployment of services.


CV Algorithms for CI inspection

A catalog with different algorithms is available, but if you need on-demand algorithms for other type of detection and infrastructure let us know!

Other processing software

I-FLY Marketplace also offers processing services to address other needs related to the UAV-based inspection.